Today in Thornbury and district there are families struggling to put food on the table. If you, or someone you know, could benefit from the assistance of the Foodbank speak to us.

A helping hand, a listening ear and a caring heart

Vouchers are available from:

  • Citizens Advice
  • Job Centres
  • Local Doctors surgeries
  • Local schools
  • Local churches

For further information on other voucher partners please contact Thornbury Baptist Church on 01454 419118 or

To find out how you can support your local Foodbank, email

or call 01454 419118

If you feel able to contribute to the foodbank stocks, here is our current shopping list.

“Come bank with us you won’t need money,
Just tins of food to feed our tummies,
We don’t ask for much just a helping hand,
For our friends in need across the land.”

Verse 1: Donating

“Take a look in your cupboards to see what you find,
Spare tins of food all tucked in behind,
Take a walk up the road it will make you feel good,
Donate to the food bank, you know you should!”

Verse 2: Types of food

“Tins of beans, cans of soup they’ll have the lot,
These tasty foods really hit the spot,
If the food will last for a long, long time,
Donate to the food bank, you’ll feel just fine!”

Verse 3: How it helps people

“You might be wondering, why should I give?
But it really does help people to live,
Keep people healthy, strong and warm inside,
Donate to the food bank, and feel a sense of pride!

Poem written by Year 3 pupil at
Manorbrook Primary School

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