Mission Partner Bridge Trust

The Bridge Trust Ltd

The Bridge Trust Ltd is a charity that has been established by Dave Day and his wife Rhi who live in Almondsbury. Dave is well known to Thornbury Baptist church and has visited us on a number of occasions over the last few years.

Bridge Trust is a registered charity established in 2011 when Dave and Rhi Day stepped down from church leadership. It exists to support some of the ministries they were previously connected to when they were in church leadership and some of these relationships go back well over twenty years.

A key focus of the charity is resourcing and supporting work in developing countries, especially India and Zambia, to relieve poverty, provide medical treatment, train leaders and more.

TBC currently provides regular financial support towards the health care work taking place in the slums of Delhi – India. Working through a local Church, Bridge Trust helped set up a team of workers which started with 12 women and has now expanded to 30.

The Trust arranged for health professionals from the UK to visit India on a number of occasions to provide training to the local health care workers in basic areas of health care, first aid, hygiene, rehydration, treating infections, HIV/Aids and more. This has resulted in a significant drop in the infant mortality rate in this pocket of the slum.

With the spread of COVID and also with a government that is often hostile to NGOs things are changing quickly in India so please refer to the Bridge Trust website for the latest information, but during 2020 and early 2021 Bridge Trust has been helping provide funds for ongoing feeding programs in the slums where lockdowns have prevented many people from working. TBC has made contributions to this feeding program from our Mission fund.

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