Meet the Team


The elders have responsibility for overseeing the life and work of the church. Some also carry responsibilities for specific ministries (see Ministry Team Leaders below).

Paul Ferguson

Elders’ Team Leader

Chris Beddoes

Rachel Beddoes

Sally Heath

Peter Hunter

Dave Ling

Ministry Team Leaders

The Ministry team leaders take responsibility for a particular area of our life and work, under the oversight of the elders.

Jon Bevan

Safeguarding Team Leader

Jason Clark

Oasis Team Leader

Allister Duncan

Finance Team Leader

Paul Ferguson

Pastoral Care Team Leader

Jason Fry
Katie Fry

Worship Team co-Leader

Peter & Ali Hunter

Small Groups Team Leaders

David Lawrence

Preaching & Teaching Team Leader

Simon Lewis

Church Manager for
Admin & Finance

Alex Lorgov

Ukrainian Service

Nicky Phipps

Mission Team Leader

Charlotte Royal

Youth Team Leader

Hev Scorah

Families Pioneer Minister

Heather L Staley

Hospitality & Events Team Leader (also Worship Team co-Leader)

Dave Tubb

Trustee Team Link

Mark Vincer

Church Centre Manager
Contact the office

Leigh Vincer

Childen’s Team Leader

Steve Webb

Community Care Ministries Team Leader (Debt Advice; FoodBank; Oasis; Lunch Club)

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