Safeguarding Policy

Vulnerable Person Safeguarding Policy Statement

  • All people are welcome within our church community
  • We are committed to expressing the love of God to all people regardless of any social distinctions and divisions just as God loves all people without conditions
  • We recognise that some people are vulnerable to abuse and so we have developed working methods to prevent abuse and safeguard all people who interact with the church
  • These working methods are also designed to safeguard all church workers, whether paid or voluntary, from false allegations of abusive practices
  • We are committed to following the guidelines set out in our Safeguarding Policy which is available from the church office or here
  • We are committed to providing regular training and support for those who work with vulnerable people

For further information please contact:

  • Mike Levy
    (Safeguarding Co-ordinator)
  • Paul Ferguson
    (Deputy Safeguarding Co-ordinator)
  • Sally Heath
    (Deputy Safeguarding Co-ordinator)

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