Prayer Chain Ideas

Prayer Chain Ideas

Here are some ideas of what to pray for:

  • Those affected by the virus, either suffering from it, in quarantine with symptoms or who have been bereaved by it
  • Those working through the virus in shops and services to keep the country going
  • Those working in healthcare and other emergency services
  • Those in isolation at home, especially those feeling lonely, and families needing to occupy children. Also remembering particularly:
    • those who usually come to Lunch Club but who are now indoors alone, often without the benefits of social media
    • those who we would usually meet through the week especially through coffee shop and Two by Two
    • children and young people missing their friends and the structure of school, especially those who were expecting to take exams and are now unsure about their future
  • Those working to provide tests, treatment and an effective vaccine
  • Those in political leadership in the UK and globally
  • Those experiencing financial challenges arising from loss of work

Pray also:

  • That people‚Äôs minds and hearts might be moved to consider deeper and eternal realities at this time
  • That in ways that may be currently unknown to us, God would be working his purposes out
  • That in the darkness, Christians lives might shine with love, joy, peace and hope
  • For the various ways in which Christians are able to share the good news of Jesus through social media, including our own website and Facebook pages

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