Sun 28 Jun 2020

Sun 28 Jun 2020 (Rooted in Prayer)

Additional reading and resources on prayer:

  • How to Pray – Pete Greig
    (A brilliant all round accessible and practical book, easy to read and v helpful for beginners or ‘experienced’. Pete Greig is founder of 24/7 Prayer movement.)
  • God on Mute – Pete Greig
    (‘Engaging the Silence of unanswered prayer’)
  • Dirty Glory – Pete Greig
    (uplifting history of 24/7 Prayer on a world vision)
  • Prayer – Richard Foster
    (by the author of ‘Celebration of Discipline’)
    (A good site for resourcing including ‘The Prayer Course’ and ‘Lectio365’ a free app for daily devotions that many are finding helpful and practical)

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