COVID-19 Aug2021


Looking Ahead (Aug 2021)

In July the Government moved away from a regulatory framework for COVID to one of guidance for organisations and individuals to follow and to allow them to make informed choices.  We are using the time leading up to September to determine how we best move forward within this new guidance with the expectation that there will be greater freedom to use the TBC premises from September onwards. Please be patient as we strive to make the best decisions in love for one another and our community.

We livestream the Sunday Morning services , recordings are available. We continue to meet on-line where there is a need, and in outside spaces.

You can find us online on our Facebook pages, YouTube channel and this website, and you can phone us on 01454 419118 or 07305 863903 or .

If you have any questions relating to our response to COVID please contact Mike on 07933 240551 or email .

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